Fellow lawyers ...

I provide services to inside and outside counsel who could use the assistance of experienced environmental counsel. I also provide Dispute Resolution and "common counsel" services.

Inside Counsel:

I can help you design or improve environmental  auditing and management systems.

I can provide strategy or problem management advice in difficult situations, without the hassle and cost of engaging major outside firms.

I provide "second opinions" on the handling of major environmental litigation or settlement questions, without you having to bring in a new major firm.

Outside Lawyers and Law Firms:

You get services when your need for them arises.

I can either advise you directly or team with you to help manage a case, or I can handle a matter on referral.

You give your client the benefit of experienced counsel in a cost-effective manner.

I am available to serve as common counsel in multi-party situations.

Superfund (CERCLA) cases are notorious for generating multiple defendants who have issues with the government and also among themselves.  I can handle the issues with the government, while you work with the client on allocation and other inter-party issues.

I can provide Alternative Dispute Resolution Services.

When sophisticated business clients are involved, they usually want to minimize the costs of litigation.  I can serve your clients as a neutral to weigh the facts and issues and mediate the dispute, propose a nonbinding resolution or decide a dispute for them.

ADR is also available as a means of settling allocation issues at Superfund sites among multiple parties.  I would be pleased to be considered for the duties of a neutral allocator in multi-party allocation disputes.