We seek to help private clients in the following ways.  A more detailed listing of our experience in a specific area may be obtained HERE or requested by Feedback.

Compliance Assistance
I have experience counseling clients regarding the several laws that typically drive environmental compliance today, including the Clean Air Act, RCRA, CERCLA, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (SARA Title III), TSCA and FIFRA.  

Legal Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction

Business today often is trying to manage more and more issues with fewer resources.   I help firms assess their level of management system sophistication and compliance status. Such outside counsel assistance can pay serious dividends in problem avoidance and legal risk reduction for businesses determined to respect environmental regulations.
Litigation and Appeals
Whether it is a governmental administrative or court proceeding, or a dispute among private parties, I have experience in representing clients in both litigation and appeals.
Headache and Crisis Assistance
I offer corporate counsel my services as someone who often can translate and cut through a lot of confusing bureaucratic and legal issues quickly, hopefully with innovative and effective suggestions for solutions. With my experience over the last 26 years in the environmental regulatory community,  I believe I can provide top executive level strategy and tactics for effective "big case" or "crisis" management. A client can come just for the law, or I will put teams together to deliver the whole package of outside needs, from engineering, to science, to litigation and PR.
Dispute Resolution
I am available to serve as a Neutral in Alternative Dispute Resolution between or among private parties.  Services include facilitation of issue resolution, mediation and both non-binding and binding arbitration.  In the "environmental" context, this includes review of disputes in property transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and contract claims...as well as disputes over liability and allocation of responsibility in remediation cases.