Both Harvey Sheldon and Doug Moring are available for mediation of disputes and for fact-finding assignments as designated neutrals.  Each has been involved in numerous situations where businesses have claims against each other that involve environmental, safety or related issues.  Their broad experience helps them assist the disputing parties sort through issues and identify means and bases for resolution.  Mediaton often avoids the high cost of litigation; in some cases, it enables parties to better understand key issues, and reduce their litigation expense, even if a dispute is not fully resolved. 


            Mr. Sheldon has been involved as a neutral professional in landfill siting cases, coal mine safety cases, and regulatory development hearings.  He has been a party to a number of allocation proceedings and has helped design agreements for multi-party Superfund case management.  He serves on the Panel of Arbitrators of Judicial Dispute Resolution, Inc., a national dispute resolution organization based in Chicago.   He is a member of the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the American Bar Association.


            Mr. Moring has personal experience in the implementation of Alternative Dispute Resolution systems at Kraft Foods, Inc., and he is familiar with the use of ADR in corporate disputes.